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Where Jessica Heenan shares her story and opens your eyes to a fun and unique business opportunity. If you are a

stay at home mother or just tired of your 9 to 5 work life, then consider a change to Mary Kay and Join the “I Can” movement !

They say if you love what you do, it won’t even feel like work. But, what if you could love your work and enjoy doing the things

you love in life – like spending time with family, travelling, shopping or following your artistic passions? YOU CAN!

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Selling Strengths Quiz

For success in selling, use your natural talents to start your business

YOUR way.

Whether you’re comfortable in a crowd or more at home one-on-one, your

personality has power!  – the power to help you find the career of your

dreams.  Because when you focus on your talents, those special things

that only you can do, you could find a calling that’s more than a job –

it’s your life’s work. Find the power of your personality here.

(And you may just find a business to match.)

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Why Mary Kay Skin Care and Cosmetics

It’s about makeup, skin care and so much more.  Mary Kay is a company with a heart.

A company with integrity, staying power and a solid reputation that spans more

than half a century.

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Get StartedGet your Starter Kit and more!  Whether you prefer to do business online,

on the go or in person, you’ll have access to a wide range of tools to help keep your

business organised, connected and efficient.  

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Mary Kay Car, Money & Rewards

From earning up to 40% on everything you sell to the rewards and recognition

you earn along the way, you decide what’s important to you – and go for it!


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Mary Kay Starter Kit

When you first sign up as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant you will have the help of the company and the consultant that signed you up to help guide you on your new venture into teaching all about skin care and cosmetics.

There are three entry points to start your own business.  This first image is for the Basic Package for $49 but the kit is valued at $138. This is suitable if you wish to buy Mary Kay products just for yourself, family and friends at a discount but without thinking about making Mary Kay a career.

You may decide you want to start a business but you do not have a lot of money to invest straight away into your business. The second option is to start with the Business Starter Set for $250 which is valued at $450 which included everything in the basic package as well as the new Mary Kay TimeWise Skin Care range. Kits come for Combination Oily or Normal to Dry. You can nominate your skin type.

The third option is the Professional Startup Kit for $699 which is valued at $1,638 includes all the products and professional tools you will need to kick-start your business and start earning income straight away. It includes the Starter Kit, the Business Starter Kit with 40% volume discount. This really is an amazing value.

E-training is available online and on completion, you will receive $100 discount on your first order.


Mary Kay really does try to make starting up as easy as possible.

If you have any questions or you would like to start up with Mary Kay as a business please leave me a comment below or click this link to get started online.

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Cheers from Coucka aka Karen